2 MADAUS AGIOLAX Plant natural granulat laxative relief constipation GERMANY

2 MADAUS AGIOLAX Plant natural granulat laxative relief constipation GERMANY

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Description : Agiolax Granulat constipation relief

Size: 100 grams size each x 2 = 200 grams

Quantity : 2

Pharmacologically active ingredients:Plantago ovata seeds 2.60 g,Plantago ovata husks 0.11g,Cassia angustifolia pods 0.34-0.66 g,equivalent to 15 mg sennosides

other Ingredients:Talc,acacia,iron oxides,paraffin,aromaticssucrose (ca.1.05 g equivalent to 0.09 BU).Suitable for diabetics,Granules for oral use

How to use :

Agiolax® is a unique laxative fibre supplement combination. It contains senna in a special controlled release form and dietary fibre made mostly from insoluble fibre, with a smaller amount of soluble fibre.

Agiolax has been specifically clinically proven and is one of the leading products of its kind in the world.

Experts believe that we are not taking enough dietary fibre in our food today and that we require at least 5-10g per day more than we currently consume.

The fibre in a normal varied diet is mostly insoluble (seeds etc.), but most fibre supplements are processed and contain 100% soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is important for gut function and does not have the drawbacks of soluble fibre of causing bloating and wind. In containing high insoluble fibre as well as senna, Agiolax offers an excellent natural solution to constipation and low fibre intake.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, patients should consult their healthcare professional.

Where can I buy Agiolax?
Agiolax can only be purchased through health professionals, in pharmacy or from natural therapists or holistic doctors. For information on your nearest practitioner/pharmacy please click on the "Find A Practitioner" tab above or call 1800 334 224.

How to use Agiolax

What is Agiolax?
Agiolax is made from the seeds and husks of psyllium (plantago ovata and Ispaghula husks) and senna in granules. It is specially coated to aid swallowing and avoid breathing in of any dust.

How do I use Agiolax?
Each teaspoonful of Agiolax is approximately 5g of dietary fibre (insoluble 70%:soluble 30%). The adult dose is 1 teaspoonful taken in the evening with water. Dose can be reduced for children - for children under 10, the dose should be on medical advice. Agiolax granules should be swallowed whole or mixed with yoghurt.

What should I expect when I take Agiolax?
Agiolax is a gentle laxative and generally produces bowel movements in 12-24 hours.

Like all laxatives, Agiolax should not be used in cases of intestinal obstruction. Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present or if you develop diarrhoea. Pregnant or breast feeding women should seek medical advice before taking Agiolax. Prolonged use of laxatives may cause serious bowel problems. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.

If laxatives are not an option for you, you could consider Agiofibe which does not contain a laxative and can provide you with balanced high insoluble fibre supplementation.

Agiolax is manufactured in Germany by Madaus AG, one of the leading herbal and fibre companies in the world. Agiolax is marketed in Australia by Flordis Natural Medicines.


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