300 PUERARIA MIRIFICA Breast Bust Enlargement Enlarge Enhancement firming pills

300 PUERARIA MIRIFICA Breast Bust Enlargement Enlarge Enhancement firming pills

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Condition : Brand new, sealed, never opened

Size : 100 capsules ( 350 mg ) each bottle

100mg of Pueraria Mirifica per capsule

Quantity : 3 bottles

Directions : Take 1 capsule after meal. 3 times daily.

What is Pueraria Mirifica ?Pueraria mirifica or kwao kreu khao is an herbal plant that has long been used in Thailand and Southeast Asia for many medicinal purposes. Typically, there are three kinds of this plant family: white, red, and black Pueraria mirifica. But white kwao kreu and red kwao kreu are the most beneficial and gain more interest. Pueraria mirifica plants are found mostly in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In Thailand, they can normally be found at higher altitudes in the North. Even though there have been reports of finding plants in the same family "Pueraria" in other Asian countries, these plants are of a different species and do not possess the same qualities from Pueraria mirifica of Thailand.Breast EnhancementOne of the biggest claims of Pueraria mirifica is that it enhances features of women's breasts. A study performed by the Stherb Pueraria mirifica farm claimed that the herb performed well versus a placebo in breast enlargement, breast firmness, reduced mammary pain and several other ways related to female hormones. The study has not had much corroboration.

Skin Improvement

  • One claim of the Pueraria-Mirifica.org is that the herb can improve the appearance of skin. According to the site, the herb stimulates hormonal activity, which hydrates skin and leads to a brilliant complexion. New skin cells and collagen may be renewed or developed as well as a restoration of healthy hair. This claim is not backed up by any evidence, but a study in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility in 2005 did find that there were fewer wrinkles in women who were using estrogen supplementation. The similarity between Pueraria and estrogen may cause similar effects.

Protect Against Cancer

  • A study of Pueraria mirifica conducted by Emory University and Phramongkutklao College of Medicine found that the herb has anti-estrogenic properties when it comes to aggressive breast cancer cells. If this study is backed up, it would be a big difference from many other estrogen supplements that may increase the chance of certain types of hormone-related cancers.

    Regular periods

    Helps to maintain regular periods by nourishing the blood.

  • Active Ingredients in each capsule: Pueraria mirifica 100 mg.


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